Welcome to the "Portal of the Wetlands of the Tunisian Islands" of WWF North Africa.

This portal is part of the network of inventories that WWF is promoting in the Mediterranean in application of the resolution for the conservation of wetlands in the Mediterranean islands agreed in the last Ramsar Convention in 2015 (Resolution XII.14).

Mediterranean wetlands are seriously threatened by climate change, tourist pressure, pollution, urban development, ports, airports, and so on.

The "Portal of the Wetlands of the Tunisian Islands" gives access to detailed information on the wetlands, both natural and artificial, that we have compiled throughout this project. In our dynamic database you can find information on natural and artificial wetlands in the islands of Djerba, Kerkennah, Kuriat and Kneiss. You can also access statistical and geographic data, maps and images that illustrate the main characteristics of each wetland.

The goal of WWF North Africa is to concentrate all available information in a database, to help raise awareness of the importance of wetlands in the Mediterranean islands. The primary objective of the project is to contribute to the effective protection, management and conservation of these fragile and highly threatened ecosystems.